Picture This Virtual Tour Frequently Asked Questions Page

Picture This Virtual Tour Frequently Asked Questions Page

Some ‘virtual tour’ companies capture only still pictures and then use these pictures to create a motion effect in a flash slideshow. Make sure you are not paying a virtual tour price for a motion slide show. There are companies that charge as much as $70-$100 for these tours and the final product is nothing more than a $20 photo presentation. 

A Picture This Virtual Tour is shot by a professional photographer and then the images are processed and used to create a FULL-SCREEN HD online virtual tour.

Picture This Virtual Tour creates a professional virtual tour that features in-tour controls. Links to the side and the bottom of the tour are distracting and unprofessional. Our interactive tours combine the power of a virtual tour with the ‘point-and-click’ functionality of the internet.

Virtual Tours are typically processed within 24 to 48 hours of being photographed. There may be a delay if your tour is shot over a weekend.

At the scheduled date and time, we will arrive a few minutes early to unload and set-up our equipment.  We will introduce ourselves to the homeowner, real estate agent, or business owner and answer any questions.  A pre-walk through will be done at this time to get a feel for the shoot and determine an order.  The preferred order of shooting is:  Interior stills, interior panoramic, exterior panoramic, and exterior stills.  Because we are constantly on the go, moving things out of the way does not work well.  Anything in question should be placed to the side in an area that will not be photographed.  On average, a shoot of the premises lasts about one hour, but some larger homes or commerical businesses, may take up to two hours to shoot. 

Yes. We offer multiple viewing formats for each virtual tour. The different formats are viewable by clicking on unique links that we provide and are uploaded to your site by your webmaster. Each type of tour has a varying degree of feature restriction so as to allow you to use the tour with the most features while still meeting the requirements of your local MLS.

The first year of tour hosting is include in your package price, after which tours may be renewed annually at a cost of $25 per year..

**If you purchase a specific web address for your virtual tour to link to, there is an annual renewal fee for this unique domain name.

The FULL-SCREEN HD virtual tour window supports an unlimited amount of scenes in any combination of full 360°, partial 360°, or still images. If you have renderings instead of photos, we can add them as well or in addition to actual photos.

Yes, it is possible to shoot a virtual tour at anytime. There is no additional fee for a night-time shoot, if it is part of the initial visit.  If the night-time shoot requires a second visit, a per hour shoot fee may be charged.

Yes. You can choose any color you wish for the skin and text colors of your tour windows.

No. If you change your contact information, you simply need to let us know and we will update the changes in your online profile. All of your tours will automatically update and the existing links to the tours will remain the same.

There is no additional charge for the setup of real estate tour templates or skins.

Free streaming audio clips are available for every tour.  Picture This Virtual Tour can provide professional audio narration on any virtual tour.  Please contact us for current rate information.

Yes. You can have both a link to school reports as well as a link to city information on each of your tours.

Yes. A link to a map of the property is automatically generated.

Yes. You can add a floor plan image a separate feature button below the view screen on the tour window or you can include a floor plan as one of your images within the view screen on the tour window.

Yes. If you have your own flyer, you can e-mail it to us and we can attach it to the tour for you or for additional price we will customize one of our templates for you.

We will supply you with the links to your virtual tours so that you can place them onto your website and Realtor websites. If the virtual tour is a real estate tour, it is automatically sent to Homes.com and Homeseekers.com at no additional charge as long as the MLS sends their listings to those sites.

PicturePath is available for an additional fee which pushes the virtual tour to Realtor.com, Homestore.com, Aol.com, and MSN.com.

We use a virtual tour technology that is an approved PicturePath™ member of Homestore, Inc the operator of Realtor.com. This means that we are authorized to send virtual tours from our servers to the following websites: www.realtor.com, www.homestore.com, www.msn.com. Homestore, Inc applies a charge for each tour sent to the sites listed above. We pass on this charge to you. The cost is $25.00 each time we send a virtual tour through the PicturePath gateway. All companies that post virtual tours to the Homestore network of sites are charged to do so.

Companies that are not an approved PicturePath™ member are unauthorized to send virtual tours to the Homestore network of sites. We can also send your tours to www.homeseekers.com and www.homes.com at no charge to you.